The World Of Sports Betting

6 Best Sports Betting Books You Must Read Before You Bet

Remember the game of Betting at that we casually played with our friends and cousins when we were kids? Sports Betting is similar except with a higher wager and a better price. And as the name suggests, it’s an activity where you predict the outcome of any sport and bet on it. 

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Types Of Sports Bets:

Understanding the types of Sports Bets not only is simple but also give a better picture of how they work.

  • Money line or Win Bets  

Here, all you have to do is pick who (could be a player or a team) you think is going to win a match and place a bet. Your win depends directly on the win of your team or player and vice versa.


  • Point Spread Bets

In this, each team is assigned a certain number of points by which they must win or must not lose to the opposing team. For Example: 

Team 1: -6.5 

Team 2: +6.5     

Minus sign indicates the team is the favourite and the plus sign, the underdog. Team 1 must win by seven or more points for you to win or Team 2 must not lose by seven or more points for you to win.


  • Parlay Bets

It’s where you bet on more than one game at the same time and combine your wagers for one big bet. You will have to win the entire set of bets to win a Parlay.  If you lose any one of the bets, you lose a Parlay.


  • Teaser Bets

Like in Parlay, you bet on multiple teams, but here, you can adjust the points of your team, thereby increasing your chance for a win but with a low take back.


  • Over / Under

Besides setting points for favourite and underdog, here the total number of points scored by both the teams together is set where you can bet for over or under the total points set and win according to whichever points fall nearer to the final points made at the end of the game.


Betting For Beginners

It always helps to have some knowledge about the game before you delve into it. It would be best if you always began with small bets and only bet on the money you can afford to lose. You can start with Money Line Betting as they are easier to understand.

How To Place A Bet

  • Online

Learn about as many Sports Betting websites as you can before you decide which one you trust.


  • Traditional

Sports Betting has been going on long before smartphones existed, and when internet access was limited. You can always find a local bookmaker in your area by going to the sports event where they are or through a person who knows them or even looks them up on the internet. 


Sports Betting is not only for people trying to make quick money but can also be played as a profession. Whatever you do, it’s a fun game and can be played by anyone at casino online.





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